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Why do you need sensor cabinet light?


Published by admin January 14,2021

With the improvement of people's life, sensor cabinet light is more and more popular. Why did so many people install cabinet light? Is it necessary for you to install sensor cabinet light. Fitled thinks that you need it.

Why do you need sensor cabinet light?

First, sensor cabinet light provides useful illumination for everyday tasks, such as preparing ingredients for a delicious dish, locating the right tool for a DIY project or quickly separating laundry. It makes work (or play) in highly functional spaces safe and easy, no matter the time of day.

Second, it spotlights the finest features of your space, like your perfectly laid subway tile, a gorgeous cove ceiling or your grandmother's vintage china.

What's more, because it's designed to tuck cleanly inside and under cabinets, it provides well-placed light without visible fixtures or distracting wires. It can also make a space appear larger, add cozy warmth or set the right mood.

Which sensor cabinet light do you need?

Under Cabinet Lighting Fixtures (LED, Fluorescent)

Delivers superior light output without a spotlight effect so solid-surface counter tops reflect beautifully without pinpoints of light. Available in hardwired and plug-in options.

sensor cabinet lightsensor cabinet light

Touch sensor cabinet light

It is with touch sensor, you can touch directly to control the lights. Also it is with dimming function to control the brightness of lights. 3000K-6000K is available or with two colors in one.

IR sensor cabinet light

With door sensor and hand motion sensor in one set, you can change the sensor types as you like. It is silm and can be invisible under cabinets, as following photos.

sensor cabinet lightsensor cabinet light

Hard Strip Lighting

Features the rigidness of a light fixture in a more compact size. Perfect for inside, under or above cabinets.

LED Tape Lighting

A thin, wired strip of flexible material that features evenly spaced LED chips, and cut marks to allow trimming to varying lengths. Ideal for inside, under or above most cabinets, along with many cove and tray applications.

LED Puck Lights

These compact, disk-shaped fixtures are low voltage but provide ample diffused light output. Excellent for highlighting the interior of glass-faced cabinets or above small niches.

sensor cabinet lightsensor cabinet light

Sometimes sensor cabinet light can be installed by yourself, but if you are worried about safety, you can ask for a professional electrician to help you. Remember safety is the first thing.

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