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5 points of indoor lighting fixtures


Published by admin January 14,2021

It is clear that indoor lighting fixtures are more and more important in our life when we want to decorate our homes. Fitled finds 5 points are the most important including color temperature of lighting, bedroom and kitchen lighting designs.

1. The combination of points, lines and planes

Brightness must be divided into primary and secondary, and we should design indoor lighting fixtures in the main line of sight in the space. The lighting in areas such as sofa, TV background wall, wall painting, dining table needs to consider the use of accent lighting, while the non-important areas of sight, such as ceilings, side walls, etc. can be considered to use linear lighting as an aid, realizing the strength of the light is clear and prominent.

indoor lighting fixturesindoor lighting fixtures

2. Understanding of the decoration style and design of the main light

Understand the design style of home decoration, Mediterranean style, Chinese style, Nordic style, American style have different characteristics, and furniture color is different; combined with family composition, such as whether there are old people and children, after knowing this information, then decide the main light of the indoor lighting fixtures, that is color temperature. It is generally recommended that the color temperature be selected at 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K. The higher the color temperature, the lighter the color. About 4000K color temperature, it is usually used in shopping malls and offices, not suitable for families.

3. The importance of kitchen indoor lighting fixtures

The kitchen counter requires bright lighting, so the overall room illumination is maintained at 450-750 LUX and the color temperature is approximately 3000K-4000K. In the dining table area, the atmosphere is important. If the color temperature or illuminance is too high, it will make the emotions tense, which is not conducive to relaxation. Therefore, the illumination is maintained at 200-500 LUX, and the hanging chandelier can be used. The distance between the lamp and the tabletop is 50cm or so, and the desktop illumination is realized.

indoor lighting fixturesindoor lighting fixtures

4. Anti-glare function of bedroom indoor lighting fixtures

Bedroom lighting consists of three elements: A. overall lighting; B. partial lighting of the pillow; C. partial lighting of the wardrobe.

The overall lighting uses indirect lighting for wall or floor lamps. If you want to follow the ceiling, you should avoid direct light into your eyes and avoid glare when you are lying in bed. The lamps need to be deep anti-glare or cellular net. Pillow-side lighting uses lighting that illuminates the hand to increase the convenience of life. It is suitable for wall or floor lamps. The pillow-side lighting is suitable for mounting at a height of 600-750mm above the mattress. The wardrobe lighting is suitable for installing Fitled led wardrobe lights, also you can choose small spotlights or LED light bars.

indoor lighting fixturesindoor lighting fixtures

5. Consideration of the color rendering index and the visual red feeling

Color rendering refers to the ability of the light to restore the color of the object being illuminated, expressed by the color rendering index. The higher the color rendering index, the stronger the color reproduction ability of the lamp, that is, the larger the Ra value, the better the color rendering performance. However, the high color rendering index does not mean that the saturated red effect is good and the visual comfort is high. Many people in the market mentioned R9. In fact, R9 is a non-visual saturated red reducing ability. R9 high does not mean that color has a good effect in vision. Currently, LEDs on the market basically have higher R9 and greener colors; so try to Choose more LED indoor lighting fixtures.

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